• What is your Cancellation Policy?
    Cancellation with less than 7 days notice will result in a charge of $50.00

    This fee be waived or refunded if a doctor’s note certifying illness is presented within 14 days of the cancellation. Patients who have paid an Administrative Fee and canceled, will forfeit their Administration Fee as a cancellation charge. Durham EndoSurgery Centre is a private surgical facility. These procedures are outpatient surgeries. When you book your procedure, you can be assured that on your procedure day there will be an operating room, a recovery room bed, an office manager, 2 registered nurses, an instrument sterilization technician, a surgeon, and an anesthetist, all of whom who have booked a portion of their day for your procedure only. Last-minute cancellations mean all these professionals spend their time doing nothing.
    We recognize that there is a good deal of planning required to arrange rides home, time off work, etc. For this same reason, it is very difficult to find anyone to fill your spot on short notice. Please make necessary arrangements well in advance. Back to FAQ
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