• Why do you have uninsured services? What are they?
    The Uninsured Services fee at Durham EndoSurgery Centre is a fee for services that go beyond what is insured under OHIP, and is a voluntary request .

    The Uninsured Services provided are:
    Food and drink received after your procedure in the Recovery Room.
    Locker fee
    Notes for absence from work or school
    Prescription refills by telephone or email at the patients request, and no other concomitant service is provided.

    The Canada Health Act, and the Future of Medicare Act make it clear that it is illegal for physicians to directly charge patients for the cost of their health care. It is also it illegal for patients even to offer to pay for a portion of their health care (this is strictly enforced, and stops people from “buying” services that others can’t).

    There are two types of fees that doctors can legally charge. The first type of fee is a “block fee”. This is essentially a pre-payment of any service the Government won’t pay to have your Doctor provide (such as refilling prescriptions over the phone, camp physicals, photocopying and forwarding charts, etc.) These fees are always voluntary; that is, the decision to pay them in an ‘up front package’ format is voluntary. Otherwise, you would have to pay for these services one at a time, as you received them.
    A second type of Fee is simply charging for an Uninsured Service as it is delivered. This, by definition, is a service you voluntarily agree to receive, that the Government does not consider part of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (in the case of Durham EndoSurgery Centre, the services specifically listed above). Examples might be an upgraded hospital room, a camp physical, or procedures that are not covered under OHIP such as In-Vitro Fertilization, or any cosmetic surgery. Uninsured Services must have a clearly stated benefit (what you receive) and a price. What you pay for must not be anything that, under any circumstance, might conceivably be covered by any part of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. It must be clear that purchasing such a service does not entitle you to medical care that is unavailable to the general population, or medical care that is more timely than is received by the general population. No one can be denied Health care for opting not to pay for Uninsured Services.

    We believe that anyone providing complex health care outside a Hospital setting either respects rules, or they don’t. We do.

    Links to the Health Insurance Act are HERE
    Links to the CPSO Block Fee Policy are HERE
    Links to the Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act are HERE
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