• What about my medications? Which one should I take?
    Most medications, particularly blood pressure and heart medications should be taken as usual (even on the morning of the procedure) with tiny sips of water. The only medications that may require modification are diabetic medications, and non-aspirin blood thinners (like Plavix, or Coumadin) Please stay on your blood thinners, unless your procedure is for the removal of a polyp you ALREADY KNOW ABOUT. Diabetic medications need to be individually modified, and you should speak to the person performing the procedure for a specific plan for modifying your diabetic medications during the necessary fasting prior to your procedure. If there is any last-minute problem or doubt, you should NOT take any diabetic medication once you start your preparation/fasting . Your blood sugar will be taken as soon as you arrive at Durham EndoSurgery Centre prior to your procedure.
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