Durham EndoSurgery Centre

Patients for telephone consultations

Telephone 'visits' with doctors are a bit different than normal office visits. Please read the following suggestions:
  • Your call will start on time - but that is in part because the previous called ended on time. The time frame (usually 15 minutes) will be confirmed at the beginning of the call, and unfortunately all the relevant information and explanations will need to happen in that time. If the time gets close, it may be necessary to direct the conversation more actively
  • Communication by telephone or Skype is not as secure as some platforms such as Telehealth Ontario. When the call starts, you will be asked if you give permission to communicate health details over a less secure platform.
  • PLEASE submit your webform more than 1 business day before the call - staff need to upload this in to the Medical record, and physicians need to have this in the chart before your call starts, so as to maximize your time on the call
  • If we need to distribute forms (such as bloodwork) to you, we will send you the forms as .pdf, by email. Please make sure we have a valid email that you check.
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